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Traffic Signal Design 

Design of Intersection geometry, signal equipment layout, traffic signal system interconnection and coordination, electrical construction plans and traffic signal specifications for State, County and Municipal jurisdictions.


Traffic Calming 

Develop site specific engineering designs for the installation of traffic calming devices such as speed tables, pedestrian hybrid beacons and chicanes.


Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emption Design

Design of intersection geometry, signal equipment layout, traffic signal system design, electrical construction plans, and specifications.


Temporary Work Zone Traffic Control Plans

Using the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and local standards, develop plans to merge, channelize and/or detour traffic through roadway work zones, as required for project construction needs.


Roadway Design

Prepare geometric layout of horizontal and vertical alignment, cross sections, sight distance evaluation, intersection design, street scape design, signage and pavement marking plans.

Roadway Construction Inspection 

Conduct field observation of construction activities within the public right-of-way. Provide inspection services and resident engineering for DOT permit projects.


Roundabout Design

Geometric intersection, signage and pavement marking design and traffic analyses for roundabouts.


Site Circulation Planning & Design

Prepare geometric site layout with focus on access, vehicle queue storage, on-site circulation and parking.


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